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Minecraft Beta Server - Beta 1.7.3

Welcome to the Minecraft Beta Server Betalands. Betalands has been operating since 2016 and focuses on providing a Semi-Vanilla gameplay style similar to 2011. Betalands has been designed to be a nostalgic server but adds many new and custom features to improve and addon to Beta 1.7.3. Although the game has been improved the ultimate goal of the server will always be a nostalgic based server, a snapshot of 2011.

Our Creation

Betalands began operating in 2015 under the ownership of Sweetz

Betalands originated from a few friends wanting to get together to relive the golden days of Minecraft. The server began as a private server in 2015 using Hamachi. Slowly more people joined Betalands as it slowly became public. The server being made public lead to Betalands to quickly growing to become the biggest Beta Server.

Development and Innovation

Betalands has always strived with providing a safe and enjoyable environment for players. The beta versions of Minecraft have always lead to server staff facing struggles with the lack of support and active development for the versions. Due to this Betalands has always strived to provide a safe environment through the continued development of legacy plugins and server software. Betalands has developed a Custom stats system, Discord bridge, Dupe fixes, Future replacement for Essentials, and many other fixes to improve the playability of Beta. Many of these projects have benefited from being open-source allowing developers to work together in the community.


The best way to contact us is via Discord. The link can be found in-game.

 Contact Info

Email:  [email protected]